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A few thoughts on Columbus Circle, only two stops away on the A train

Indigenous Peoples' Day is gathering steam (according to Time, the holiday is replacing Columbus Day in 55 American cities), and it's thrilling to see these mistreated and long-marginalized groups slowly get more recognition. May the idea grow and prosper.

That said, the New Yorker in me still loves the old-fashioned majesty of Columbus Circle, statue of controversial explorer and all. What's more, since I moved way uptown, this intersection is suddenly a much bigger part of my life; you could say my commercial center of gravity has completely shifted (I love you Union Square, but you're so very far away).

So now when I need a dose of classic New York City hustle and bustle (or just to see my doctor), I hop on the A train at 145th Street and in two stops I'm at Columbus Circle. Iconic, monumental, and so very New York, this hub has it all: shopping, restaurants and cafes, art, proximity to Central Park, and, most of all, that feeling that you're standing in the center of the world.

Subway map courtesy of Onoma Design. It is not the official MTA map.



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