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Uptown links: two new hip hop museums prepare to battle it out, Colin Kaepernick visits Harlem, and

Universal Hip Hop Museum's new home

• Which will come first? The Universal Hip Hop Museum in the South Bronx (rendering above) or The Hip Hop Hall of Fame in Harlem? Place your bets now. (Photo: L+M Development Partners)

• Quarterback and national-anthem-protest symbol Colin Kaepernick was recently in Harlem for a good cause and a photo shoot, possibly for GQ Magazine–and TMZ got a piece of the "top secret" action.

• An Italian restaurant and a speakeasy are coming to a huge commercial space in Manhattanville that has seen a lot of turnover. Now that some buildings on Columbia's new campus are finally open, maybe this latest venture will stick.

• Harlem's churches are closing or being sold at a fast clip. Point the finger at gentrification.

• If merengue is your thing, this old-fashioned club in Washington Heights looks like so much fun.

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