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Uptown's Top Sledding Spots

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Upper Manhattan's top sledding spots
The James Baldwin Lawn in Harlem's St. Nicholas Park

There's a very good reason why so many neighborhoods in Upper Manhattan have the word "heights" in them—the area boasts some of the hilliest terrain in New York.

That means when it snows, good sledding spots abound.

Here, then, are uptown's five hilliest parks and their best slopes, from north to south:

Morningside Park

Best spots: 110th Street, 113th St and Morningside Ave and 122nd Street and Morningside Ave

How to get there: A, B, C to 110th Street and 116th Street

St. Nicholas Park

Best spots: St. Nicholas Avenue and W 135th Street, St. Nicholas Ave and W 141st St

How to get there: A, B, C to 135th Street

Highbridge Park

Best spot: Amsterdam Ave and 174th Street by the baseball fields

How to get there: A to 175th Street

Fort Tryon Park

Best spot: Billings Lawn

How to get there: A to 190th Street

Inwood Hill Park

Best spot: hill near the entrance at Indian Road and 218th Street

How to get there: 1 to 215th Street

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