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5 fun twists on rosé–and the top Harlem wine shops in which to find them

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

The rosé display at BTL Harlem wine shop

Pop into any of Harlem's growing number of excellent wine stores and you'll find that rosé season is already in full swing. Front-of-store displays–from lilac-filled tables to rustic carts–are piled high with bottles of what's become the unofficial drink of summer.

An even more careful look reveals it's not just traditional bottles of rosé that are for sale. Everyone's favorite pink wine now comes in a variety of different containers, textures, and even flavors.

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, why not pick up one of these fun twists on rosé to start your summer off with a smile?

40-ounce bottle of rosé

Fun but serious stuffHamilton Wine House.Packaged in bottles typically associated with malt liquor, this sustainably made wine is produced in...France's Loire Valley. . Forty Ounce Rosé ($17),

Rosé in a can

The Washington Post's wine critic declared Amble + Chase rosé in a can to be "one of the best rosés I’ve tasted from the 2017 vintage"–all any wine lover needs to hear. Amble + Chase Rosé in a can and others ($5 each), BTL Harlem

Rosé in a box

This "fresh and balanced" rosé is made in France and is also amazingly priced–it comes to about $7.50 per standard bottle of wine. Nuff said. La Vieille Ferme Rosé 3-Liter Box ($29.99), Vintage Harlem

Sparkling rosé

Celebrate the start of summer with a bottle of bubbly–just make sure it's pink. Cleto Chiarli Brut de Noir Rose ($15) and Schramsberg Mirabelle Brut Rose ($26), Harlem Wine Gallery

Grapefruit rosé

It seems hard to believe, but rosé wine mixed with grapefruit juice is a huge thing in France. And now the trend has jumped the pond. Ruby Red Rosé with Grapefruit ($12), Pompette Wine Shop

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