Dogs and their "hoomans" are welcome at the new Café Bark in Washington Heights

Dread leaving your pup at home as you head out for a cup of joe? You won't need to anymore now that there's Café Bark, a new dog cafe in Washington Heights where your furry friends aren't just welcome–they're practically an obsession (Exhibit A: the canine portraits that take up much of the wall space).

Here's how it works: Enter through Café Bark's canopied main door, where you can tie your dog to one of the many leash hooks in the entryway or the modern lounge behind it.

In the separate shop to the left–just look for the glass door that says "Hoomans Only"–get your coffee, pre-packaged sandwiches and snacks, then come back to the dog-friendly area to enjoy both your purchases and your pup's company. Since there's free wifi, you can even get a spot of work done.

The dog love doesn't end there. The pooch side also features a pet boutique that includes clothing, jewelry (for both pets and their owners) and canine treats such as banana coconut cupcakes. Now that winter's almost here, look for puffers from Canada Pooch and Mungcler as well as tons of cozy knitwear.

And if you're wondering about the cafe's upkeep: Easy-to-clean floors, wipeable seat cushions, waste bags, and a powerful air purifier are there to keep the space mess- and odor-free. In other words, "hoomans" will want to stay as long as their pups.

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