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Warm up at uptown's best (and possibly only) spot with a fireplace

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Harlem Public's fried chicken thigh sandwich tastes even better in front of the pub's fireplace

Insanely cold weather is coming in the next few days–Thursday's high will be a shiver-inducing 16 degrees–so if you're planning on venturing out, it's best to have a warm destination in mind.

Uptown's got plenty of cozy spots, but only one* with a working fireplace: Harlem Public. Roaring away in the back corner, this laid-back pub's hearth is a rustic, cast-iron affair that will warm you up faster than you can say "polar vortex."

Harlem Public's welcoming menu is just as likely to take the chill off. Its creative burgers–one of its most popular is topped with peanut butter–and sandwiches tend to require a lot of napkins, always a good sign. There's also a wide selection of craft beer: the chalkboard behind the bar features a changing selection of draft IPAs, ales, ciders and more.

Get there early if you want to get a prime seat. Then take off all those layers and relax by the fire–you probably won't be leaving any time soon.

* As far as Google can tell. If you know of another uptown bar or restaurant with a working fireplace, please share!

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