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Look down to spot the latest street art by MADSTEEZ in Harlem

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Look down to spot the latest mural by MADSTEEZ in Harlem

Most street art is easy to spot–it's usually along the sides of buildings, tunnels and other urban structures.

Not the latest work in Harlem by artist and designer Mark Paul Deren, better known as MADSTEEZ.

Last fall he painted the floor of a public basketball court in St. Nicholas Park as part of a collaboration with the city's Parks Department and Mountain Dew. (It's located in the playground at St. Nicholas Ave and 140th Street.)

Look down to spot the latest mural by MADSTEEZ in Harlem

Now that deep winter is here and trees are bare, it's easier to see the vivid greens, yellows and purples the artist used to depict the silhouetted figures playing hoops.

Hankering to get a bird's-eye view? Head to MADSTEEZ's Instagram for an overhead shot.

Then go on an impromptu art tour and check out his other striking mural in East Harlem.

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