The best park stairs for the perfect uptown workout

This wide set of stairs in Jackie Robinson Park can be accessed at Bradhurst Avenue and 148th Street
The extra-wide stairs in Jackie Robinson Park are ideal for running.

A set of long park stairs is the perfect place to get a serious workout.

And if you live uptown, you're never too far from a hilly park crisscrossed with an impressive stairway—many have more than 100 steps.

So here's an idea: Find the nearest and get ready for a major sweat session. A good rule of thumb is to run up and down for 30 to 45 minutes. And, yes, you can also walk.

From south to north, here's where to find the best:

Morningside Park

Central Harlem

Although practically the entire park is filled with stairs, one of the longest sets (150-plus steps) starts at 120th Street and Morningside Avenue and goes all the way up to Morningside Drive.

St. Nicholas Park

Central Harlem

Scenic stairs abound at this park—including the set running along the newly-renamed James Baldwin Lawn at 135th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue. But it's hard to beat the steps at 141st Street and St. Nicholas Avenue, framed by the neo-Gothic towers of City College and founding father Alexander Hamilton's historic yellow home.

Stairs running along the recently-renamed James Baldwin Lawn in St. Nicholas Park.
Stairs running along the recently-renamed James Baldwin Lawn in St. Nicholas Park.

Jackie Robinson Park

Central Harlem

Run up the extra-wide set of stairs that start near the bandshell at 148th Street and Bradhurst Avenue, then leave time to explore the recently renovated paths of this leafy, historic park.

Fort Tryon Park

Washington Heights

Possibly the steepest of the bunch, Fort Tryon's Grand Staircase starts just north of the Anne Loftus Playground, connecting Broadway near Dyckman Street with the Met Cloisters at the top of the hill.

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