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New 'In the Heights' trailer gives a peek at the real Washington Heights locations used in the film

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Due to the pandemic, the release of "In the Heights"—the movie adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda's award-winning musical—was pushed back an entire year.

Now the film, centered around the story of a young bodega owner in Washington Heights, is set to hit theaters—and stream on HBOMax—on June 18, 2021.

In the meantime, there's also a brand new trailer, offering more glimpses of Miranda as a bearded piragua vendor, Jimmy Smits dancing—as well as the many real uptown locations used in the film.

Need a little help pinning them down? Here's a starter list, from south to north:

Between W 173rd and W 176th Sts from Ft. Washington to Haven Aves

Bodega owner Usnavi's best friend shares a romantic moment with his girlfriend on this overlook in J. Hood Wright Park, with stunning views of the George Washington Bridge.

Photo: Google Maps

Amsterdam Ave and W 173rd St

This 1930's-era pool in Highbridge Park is the setting for a musical sequence with lots of old-fashioned cinematic splashing.

New 'In the Heights' trailer gives a peek at the filming locations in Washington Heights

The intersection in front of Usnavi's bodega

Audubon Ave and 175th St

A lot of the action—including what looks to be a big dance number—takes place in this intersection in front of Usnavi's fictional bodega, City Mart Tropical Products Deli.

Photo: Google Maps

191st Street between Broadway and St. Nicholas Ave

Dancers take over this graffiti-covered tunnel connecting Broadway with the 191st station on the 1 subway line.

New 'In the Heights' trailer gives a peek at the filming locations in Washington Heights

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