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Chipotle is coming to 157th Street in Washington Heights

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Chipotle is coming to 157th Street in Washington Heights

It's official: Chipotle is opening another location in Washington Heights–this time a bit farther south.

The popular Mexican chain just signed a lease for 3781 Broadway on the corner of W 157th Street, a space most recently occupied by a Boston Market.

3781 Broadway in Washington Heights via Google Maps

A report last year said the burrito maker was looking to expand in New York and–after analyzing cell phone data and social media geotagging–narrowed its search to Hamilton Heights and "Washington Heights South," two areas with growing populations of millennials.

Chipotle has another branch in the neighborhood at 4009 Broadway near W 168th Street. It also opened its first Harlem location in 2018.

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