"From trash smell to hot trash smell": the corpse flower at Barnard College is blooming right now

There's a rare stinky corpse flower blooming in our midst.

Titan Arum, a flowering plant typically found in the jungles of Sumatra, unfurled yesterday at the Arthur Ross Greenhouse at Barnard College.

Famous for its stench, the corpse flower began blooming on Sunday at 1pm. It typically only lasts 24 to 36 hours.

Although visitors currently aren't allowed inside the greenhouse (located on the roof of Milbank Hall at 604-606 W 120th St) due to the coronavirus, there's a live stream on YouTube that lets you watch the bloom in real time.

Last night a worker at the greenhouse took a series of videos of the plant on Instagram and described its smell: "a combination of dead mouse and really stinky cheese and kind of like rotting fish."

As he walked around the six-foot flower in the middle of the night he remarked, it's "going from trash smell to hot trash smell."

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