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TCU Mailbag: Drop-Off Composting, Talk Show Tickets, and More

A composting sign at a local community garden in Harlem.

You've got questions, The Curious Uptowner has the answers (or at least tries to)!

Here are some recent queries* that arrived in TCU's inbox, with helpful replies underneath.

Got one yourself? Send all questions to

Hi, I was wondering if you knew of any community gardens that accept compost or a local drop-off? I’d love to be able to drop off compost where it can be used! Thanks so much!—S

Yes, the city has a great searchable drop-off composting map! Note: Harlem is pretty well represented, further uptown not so much.

Hello, I would like to travel to NY to photograph the George Washington Bridge while the towers are lit, but I cannot find any definitive information about the lighting schedule. Do you know when this takes place? And what are the hours—just in the evening or all night till dawn? Any info you can share would be greatly appreciated!—J

While the Port Authority of NY/NJ only lists the George Washington Bridge Flag schedule—the world's largest free-flying U.S. flag is flown on eight major holidays and September 11—the bridge's tower lights are reliably lit on those same holidays, from dusk till midnight.

Hi, I'm having trouble requesting tickets for the Nick Cannon Show. Thank you.—D

To request free tickets for this new talk show currently filming in East Harlem, head directly to the Nick Cannon Show website, where you can select a preferred date and time.

Hi, I operate a food truck and would like to be a vendor at the next Uptown Night Market. Can you please help?—A

This West Harlem-based open-air food and music festival, which debuted this past summer, has one date left this year: Thursday, November 11. You can apply to be a vendor here.

* All questions have been edited for clarity and to protect privacy.

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