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The Sisyphus Stones are back in Fort Washington Park

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

The beloved Sisyphus Stones have returned.

The group of striking rock sculptures, assembled by artist Uliks Gryka from nearby stones and requiring constant upkeep, are back by the shoreline in Fort Washington Park.

Their return wasn't a foregone conclusion.

Last fall the city began repairing a section of the riverbank right below the sculptures, and some thought the public project spelled doom for the stone towers.

But the artist was undeterred. In March of this year he announced on Instagram that he would be rebuilding the sculptures, and the rocks soon rose again.

Gryka's accessible art couldn't come at a better time. During the lockdown Fort Washington Park has been more popular than ever, and now those flocking to the idyllic shoreline spot can enjoy views of the river through the prism of Gryka's meditative sculptures.

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