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This DIY bike tour will take you past 7 majestic uptown bridges

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

The George Washington Bridge up-close.

Citi Bike recently expanded into Washington Heights—there are now new bike stations as far up as 183rd Street—making it the perfect time to explore the neighborhood on two wheels.

One fun, summery ride is to go around the top of the island, making pit stops at the seven majestic bridges that connect this part of Manhattan with New Jersey and the Bronx.

Follow this DIY tour by bike to find all 7 uptown bridges.

To get started, grab a bike and make your way to the Hudson River Greenway, which mostly hugs the shore (note that it only goes as far uptown as Dyckman Street, at which point you'll have to use standard bike lanes along streets).

A good place to enter the Greenway for this particular tour is at 158th Street and the Hudson River.

Once you're on the bike path, head uptown. The first span you'll reach will be the magnificent George Washington Bridge (A) near 175th Street and the Hudson River. Follow the steep bike path as it breaks from the shoreline and make sure to take a look back from the north side—the view is truly breathtaking.

This view of the Henry Hudson Bridge is practically synonymous with Inwood.
This view of the Henry Hudson Bridge is practically synonymous with Inwood.

Keep heading uptown until you reach Dyckman Street. The Hudson River Greenway ends here, but you can follow standard bike lanes to the top of Inwood Hill Park. Enter near 218th Street to find the iconic view of the Henry Hudson Bridge (B) connecting Inwood and Spuyten Duyvil in the Bronx.

There are two more bridges in Inwood, but to find them you'll have to use Google or your own sense of direction. The very accessible Broadway Bridge (C) is at, yes, Broadway and Ninth Avenue, while the Erector Set-like University Heights Bridge (D) is near 10th Avenue and 207th Street.

Next bike to the Harlem River Greenway at Dyckman Street and 10th Avenue and pedal south along the Harlem River. The final part of this bridge tour is also possibly the best.

The High Bridge from below
The High Bridge is just as impressive viewed from below as it is from above.

As you bike along the shore, you'll soon pass under three impressive spans that come one after the other: first is the Washington Bridge (E), then the Alexander Hamilton Bridge (F), and finally the historic High Bridge, originally built as an aqueduct (G).

Say farewell to the river as the Greenway curves back into the city grid at 155th Street, but don't be surprised if you already find yourself planning your return.

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