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Two Hamilton Heights Favorites—The Grange and La Flor de Broadway—Are Showing Signs of Life

Updated: May 12, 2023

Two Hamilton Heights Favorites—The Grange and La Flor de Broadway—Look Like They're Coming Back

Two favorite restaurants in Hamilton Heights look like they could be coming back from the dead.

The Grange Bar & Eatery, a farm-to-table spot at 1635 Amsterdam Avenue and W 141st Street that closed last October after struggling to recover from the pandemic, has a new liquor license application notice posted in the window. The applicant's name is "New Grange LLC."

Its Instagram profile also has a cryptic message: "Closed: To Be Continued"

La Flor de Broadway at 3395 Broadway between W 137th and W 138th Streets, a longtime go-to spot for Latin fare like sancocho and Cuban sandwiches, is also showing signs of life.

The local standby seemed to shutter permanently last winter, but new signs now hang across the gate with the message "Coming Soon: La Flor de Broadway Restaurant, Sabor Caribeno." Construction activity has also been spotted recently.

Stay tuned for updates on both.

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