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10 outdoor workouts recently spotted at Riverbank State Park

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

The track at Riverbank State Park is the perfect spot to get some outdoor exercise.

New York City gyms won't be opening until Phase 4, which could be a ways off.

So if you're bored of jogging, you only have to head to the outdoor track at Riverbank State Park to get some new exercise ideas.

Here are ten that have been spotted recently, from easy to maybe a little weird.

1. Bring a mat and do floor exercises (sit-ups, planks, etc) under the open sky.

2. Hold a socially distant two-person exercise class with music and jumping shoes.

3. Run sprints on the track (or just make your cooped-up kids do them).

4. Do sets with an exercise buddy (jumping jacks, squats, lunges, etc) while remaining 6 feet apart.

5. Throw a ball as far as you can in the middle of the field, then chase after it.

6. Use the concrete seating on either side of the track as steps for uneven push-ups and other arm exercises.

7. Bring a kettlebell, weights or even a nearby rock and use them to do sets.

8. Jump rope.

9. Bring a mat and do yoga.

10. Play a team sport with your family (it helps to have an even number in your group).

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