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Mind-bending art collective finds a temporary home in a cool Hamilton Heights garage

Qubit's new art space in Hamilton Heights

Feeling the urge to expand your artistic horizons in the coming months? Look no further than a beautiful old garage at 1850 Amsterdam Avenue in Hamilton Heights.

The raw space is the new, if brief, home of Qubit, a contemporary art collective that has planned a series of concerts and shows over the next three months.

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, April 10, Qubit is teaming up with the MATA festival, an annual showcase for young and emerging composers (its founders include Philip Glass), to present a sound installation by Italian composer and sound artist Alessandro Perini.

While there you'll be able to sit in a special chair and “hear” one of Perini's compositions through vibrations on your body. Or listen to a Verdi opera coming from two dozen singing apples (April 10-12, 3-7pm; suggested donation $5).

Qubit's new art space in Hamilton Heights

Photo via Qubit

Later this month the collective will host the two-day Peripheral Visions Film Festival, exhibiting the work–think rapid-fire montages and disintegrating film strips–of more than 25 artists from around the world. A concert of three experimental operas composed by members of Qubit is planned for April 28.

Alec Hall, one of Qubit's founders and a longtime resident of Hamilton Heights, says there is much more planned in May and June, so those interested in seeing (or rather, hearing) what else is in store should stay tuned: the group has both a website and a Facebook.

It all sound very funky and mind-bending–a nice break for anyone tired of today's all-too-commercial art and music scene.

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