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How to find the Sisyphus Stones on the banks of the Hudson River

Updated: May 4, 2020

The Sisyphus Stones in front of the George Washington Bridge

The Sisyphus Stones–the stacked rock sculptures that self-taught artist Uliks Gryka has been building (and rebuilding when they are knocked down) by the banks of the Hudson since July of 2017–are not the easiest to find. But with a little planning, a sunny afternoon provides the perfect opportunity to go looking for these magical site-specific figures.

The Sisyphus Stones and the Manhattan skyline

The stone towers–read the whole backstory in this excellent article–are tucked away in the middle of Fort Washington Park, a long green ribbon that hugs the river from 155th Street to just past the George Washington Bridge.

Since the Henry Hudson Parkway and some serious railroad tracks stand between the park and the folks who live on the other side (thanks, Robert Moses!), there is no simple way to reach the stones, which are approximately closest to 171st Street.

The Sisyphus Stones by the banks of the Hudson River

Happily, the spot has been marked on Google Maps, so you can type in "Sisyphus Stones" as your destination as your and a foot path will appear in the final part of your directions, leading you safely across the highway via ramps and tunnels at 181st Street, 158th Street or points further south. The stones are also a great stop for anyone biking up the West Side of Manhattan.

If you're lucky, you might even catch the artist himself, listening to mystical-sounding music on his portable speaker and–judging by his tan–taking advantage of the warm weather to fix old pieces or design new ones.

Can't make it anytime soon? Be sure to visit Gryka on Instagram to see how he interprets his own work–a fascinating mix of art history, ethnography, and Sufism.

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