Photos: Harlem's streets are transformed into a faded amusement park for Joaquin Phoenix's &

The new "Joker" movie starring Joaquin Phoenix has started shooting around New York City, and with it has come a string of fun sightings.

The first real action was spotted in Harlem last week. The film's production vans, filled with props including dummies of wounded-looking people, took over a remote section of 12th Avenue in Manhattanville. A soundless video quickly spread of Phoenix dressed in plain clothes, talking with another character dressed as a clown.

The scene was filmed between 133rd and 134th Streets, which was made to resemble a gritty area near an old amusement park. The walls of two huge industrial buildings were painted with colorful-but-faded signs reading "Amusement Mile: Only 3 Blocks Away!" and "Ride the Mad Hatter."

Over the weekend a new video surfaced showing another scene shot in an actual NYC subway station. Dressed as the Joker, Phoenix can be seen exiting a train and causing pandemonium inside the Bedford Park Boulevard station in the Bronx.

Directed by Todd Phillips, the "Joker" origin movie is due to hit theaters on October 4, 2019.

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