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3 lists of food pantries, free meals and more to share with a hungry neighbor

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Harlem mural on the office of council member Mark Levine

As the biggest food holiday of the year approaches, you might be wondering how to help a neighbor who can't afford groceries or doesn't have access to hot meals.

Thankfully, a number of organizations offer lists of soup kitchens and food pantries. Here are three–from the hyper-local to the city-wide–that are easy to share:

1. The office of Mark Levine, the council member for the 7th District of New York, offers this print-out of West Harlem food pantries (as well as many other services):

West Harlem food pantries

​2. For a list of free meals throughout Manhattan, divided by neighborhood, consult Street Smarts NYC's well-designed map, which also notes information like food that's kosher or locations that are for women only.

3. If you're looking for resources in all five boroughs, looks no further than Hunger Free NYC's "Neighborhood Guides to Food & Assistance," which are updated regularly. Each one comes in both English and Spanish and is devoted to a different part of the city, including the Bronx, Upper Manhattan, and Western Queens.

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