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Harlem Perspectives, a show celebrating uptown artists, returns to Faction Art Projects

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Harlem Perspectives returns to Faction Art Projects

​It's back! Harlem Perspectives, an exhibit celebrating artists who live and work uptown, has returned to Faction Art Projects for the second year in a row.

Co-curated this year by Leanne Stella of uptown arts initiative Art In FLUX, the show highlights the work of seven artists who have reimagined personal stories and social messages through sculpture, painting and photography.

Elan Cadiz, whose eye-catching canvases depict chairs that evoke family members through her choice old fabrics

One of those artists includes Elan Cadiz, whose eye-catching chairs act as portraits of family members using old fabrics such as dresses and tablecloths; Cadiz's work was just featured in Vogue.

Coby Kennedy Coby Kennedy's transformed New York street signs

Other members of this year's group include Patrick Alston, whose large, abstract pieces incorporate graffiti, evoking memories of growing up in the Bronx, and Coby Kennedy, who has created a powerful series of New York street signs that resemble machetes.

A $20 bill stamped by David C. Terry

The gallery is hosting talks with various artists every weekend until the end of the show's run, so be sure to check the schedule. On Saturday, February 23, you can even walk away with a small piece of art: David C. Terry will be stamping guests' $1 and $20 bills with a custom-made "Slave Owner" imprint that are sure to keep the conversation going for a long time to come.

Harlem Perspectives II runs through Saturday, March 2 at Faction Art Projects, 2602 Frederick Douglass Blvd.

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