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Art Pigeon is a new, easy way of exploring public art—now with two guides by The Curious Uptowner

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

The Curious Uptowner created two curated lists of public art in Upper Manhattan on Art Pigeon

New York City is going through a golden age of public art, but searching for the latest must-see mural can leave even the most intrepid urban explorer walking in circles. And good luck learning the artist's name, past work, or any other relevant history.

Now thanks to new online platform Art Pigeon, all it takes is a few quick taps. The six-month-old website and app lets you search for and learn about the city's best public art via a user-friendly map as well as a series of engaging categories.

Art Pigeon founder Daniel Gladstone

Founded by Daniel Gladstone, a techie with a bohemian streak (he helped build the house boats for the movie Beasts of the Southern Wild), Art Pigeon sprung from his own curiosity about New York's public art scene. "I've always been an explorer," he explains.

The site has pinpointed 990 works of art so far, but Gladstone estimates there are at least a few thousand murals and 200 or so sculptures still out there. To help with the task, Art Pigeon has begun inviting local influencers to chime in with their own curated lists.

"Homage to Seurat: La Grande Jatte in Harlem" by Eva Cockcroft
"Homage to Seurat: La Grande Jatte in Harlem" by Eva Cockcroft

Recently, The Curious Uptowner joined in on the fun. The results are two guides that shine some much-needed light on, yes, uptown art.

One focuses on East Harlem, a neighborhood with a long tradition of public art tied to activism. The second is a wider sweep of uptown favorites, from decades-old Harlem murals that have undergone recent renovations to the latest viral subway art commissioned by the MTA. Check them out online or the app ($1).

Detail of “Spirit of Harlem" by Louis Delsarte
Detail of “Spirit of Harlem" by Louis Delsarte

Have a favorite outdoor mural or sculpture and want to add it to the Art Pigeon map? User submissions are very much welcome (although Gladstone doesn't let everything through). Simply log in and add your own images and as much information as you have about the work. Remember, it's the details that count.

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