A peek inside Michael Bloomberg's campaign office in Harlem

Updated: Mar 12

Wondering what the Harlem campaign office of a billionaire former New York City mayor running for president looks like?

If you live anywhere near 125th Street and Park Avenue, now you can go see for yourself.

In January Michael Bloomberg's campaign opened its second New York office in a 3,500-square-foot space at 69 East 125th Street (the headquarters are in Times Square).

Occupying the ground floor of a seven-story apartment building that went up in 2017, the loftlike space feels new though unfinished, with cement floors and white walls.

Campaign posters with slogans like "I Like Mike" and "Women for Mike 2020" cover the glass facade, while the inside is filled with rows of collapsible tables and chairs, occupied on a recent afternoon by campaign workers and volunteers tapping away on their laptops and making calls for Bloomberg.

A worker greeted a visitor from The Curious Uptowner and offered a croissant from stack of food boxes off to one side.

The office's most notable detail is a mural in the back with the words Harlem drawn in Art Deco lettering and an image of The Apollo and its famous marquee reading "Mike will get it done."

Bloomberg's current standing in the polls for the Democratic presidential nomination is at 8.3%–just ahead of Pete Buttigieg and Amy Kobluchar–according to Real Clear Politics.

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