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Two Affordable Housing Lotteries in East Harlem You Can Apply to Right Now

Here's an Affordable Housing Lottery in Hamilton Heights You Can Apply to Right Now
Household income determines if you qualify for NYC's housing lottery.

With the average monthly rent in Manhattan climbing past $5,500, now's definitely a good time to explore the city's affordable housing lottery program—especially if you're hoping to live in Upper Manhattan.

A search through NYC Housing Connect, the city's online portal for finding affordable housing, currently shows two rental lotteries in East Harlem—including the second phase of Sendero Verde, the world's largest fully affordable Passive House. Amenities in the new 34-story tower include a landscaped courtyard, fitness room, rooftop terrace, bike storage, and more.

Here are the details for those interested in applying:

East Harlem 50 E 112th St between Park and Lexington Aves

Available units: 276

Monthly rent: $498-$3,169

Eligible household income: $19,646-$192,610

Lottery ends: March 11, 2024

East Harlem 1638 Park Ave and E 116th St

Available units: 6

Monthly rent: $809-$2,177

Eligible household income: $31,818-$122,000

Lottery ends: March 18, 2024

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Michael Shaw
Michael Shaw
Sep 14, 2023

I understand that this site says affordable housing. But affordable to who? There are a lot of us citizens that make under 25,000 a year. The income you're asking for only 3% of people make that much. So where does that leave us, who are stuck in a shelter, with an income below poverty level? Even the immigrants are getting apartments and assistance faster than us! We were born and raised here! But yet, we're getting treated like we're the immigrants!

Sandra Johnson
Sandra Johnson
Jan 07
Replying to

That is so true and something needs to be done about it

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