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A trip to Manhattanville Market, West Harlem's new food hall

A trip to Manhattanville Market, West Harlem's new food hall
A salmon-topped salad, fried chicken biscuit sandwich, and square slice from Manhattanville Market.

Manhattanville Market, a modern new food hall in West Harlem, is up and running with four totally different food concepts—and what feels like something for every mood and hunger level.

Created by chef Franklin Becker, the hall is located at 3229 Broadway and W 130th Street in the glassy new Renzo Piano-designed science building on Columbia's West Harlem campus.

Food from all four menus can be ordered—even mixed and matched—at the large main counter, surrounded by an airy cafeteria plus an outside patio. TCU was recently invited to take a peek and sample a few items.

A trip to Manhattanville Market, West Harlem's new food hall
Manhattanville Market is located in a glassy new building on Columbia's West Harlem campus.

The Botanist, which grows its own greens in special cabinets inside the food hall, assembles filling salads like the Tuscan Summer, a mix of farro, greens, and tomatoes finished with a simple red wine dressing. Freshly grilled salmon, chicken, or tempeh can be added to any bowl.

Mediterranean eatery Shai serves up thick, creamy hummus that can be topped with falafel or chicken shawarma, plus veggie sides like roasted eggplant and grilled beets. The warm, rustic pita is ideal for scooping up the chickpea dip.

At Benny Casanova's the square pies have a focaccia-like dough, giving them a softer, fluffier center. Slices with classic toppings like pepperoni are finished with a tasty sprinkling of parmesan.

The thick, large biscuits from Butterfunk Biscuit, run by Top Chef alum Chris Scott, are made according to a family recipe. Sliced in half, they're piled with ingredients like sausage, egg and cheese or fried chicken, dripping with hot honey—it's a sandwich that won't leave you hungry.

A fifth food option, complete with its own seating area on the upper level, is coming later this year. Oliva, offering Spanish tapas and drinks, is slated to open in the fall.

In the meantime, Manhattanville Market is open daily from 11am to 8pm.

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