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Amazon has been "kicking the tires" at the Harlem Fairway (now on Instacart under a new name)

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Amazon has been "kicking the tires" at the Harlem Fairway according to the New York Post

The Fairway in Harlem is still awaiting its fate, and Amazon is reportedly interested again.

Employees at the 125th Street store have been saying the location is set to close in May unless a last-minute buyer swoops in.

Now a new report in the New York Post says online retail giant Amazon has been "kicking the tires" at the Harlem store and other locations that weren't sold at the March emergency auction.

At the time Amazon paid for only two stores: the ones in Woodlawn, NJ and Paramus, NJ.

ShopRite operator Village Supermarket bought four stores in Manhattan, including the Upper West Side flagship, as well as the parking lot of the Harlem location.

The Harlem Fairway is now on Instacart under a new name, Harlem Market

Despite its uncertain fate, the Harlem Fairway remains fully open.

A recent sign outside the store announced it has even joined Instacart under a new name: Harlem Market.

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Elizabeth Brown
Elizabeth Brown

Thank you for this! I was wondering where "Harlem Market" was when I saw it on Instacart, and I was especially surprised to see a store called Harlem Market carrying all these specialty foods. Meanwhile I'd totally forgotten (blacked out) that the Harlem Fairway was closing.

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