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Harlem basketball courts finally have their rims back. One even has a new misting station.

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Newly reopened basketball courts are "for skills and drills only."

You can't go very far in Harlem without running into a public basketball court–the Parks Department lists more than 40 stretching from East Harlem to Sugar Hill.

So when the city brought rims back to courts as part of Phase 3 of the reopening last week, players quickly returned.

Due to safety concerns, not everything is fully back to normal. Newly posted signs say that courts are for "skills and drills only"—no games allowed.

Still, it's not just hoops that have returned. Some basketball courts even got summery upgrades.

The court located at St. Nicholas Avenue and W 140th Street has a new misting station along one side of its fence–the tube has been MacGyvered to a public water fountain.

The misting system is part of the city's newly announced "Cool It! NYC" plan that brings kid-friendly spray showers, hydrant spray caps and more to help the public beat the heat.

Use this interactive guide to help you find the closest cooling feature near you.

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