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Head to Hajji's in East Harlem for the Chopped Cheese That Many Say Is the Original

Head to Hajji's in East Harlem for the original chopped cheese. Here's what's in it.
The chopped cheese from Hajji's in East Harlem.

The East Harlem bodega commonly known as Hajji's (officially Blue Sky Deli) is often credited with inventing the chopped cheese.

The corner store at 2135 First Avenue and E 110th Street has been making the legendary ground-beef-and-cheese sandwich—which rap stars like Cam'ron have helped elevate to cult status—for about two decades.

So what exactly is in the chopped cheese at Hajji's?

Also called the "everything," it's made up of a few key ingredients that, when combined, create something quite sublime.

First, ground beef patties are chopped up and cooked with a blend of onions and secret spices on the flat-top grill. Slices of American cheese are then melted on top, and the combo is served on a roll or a hero with ketchup, mayo, lettuce and tomato.

Here's what's in the chopped cheese from Hajji's in East Harlem.
Here's what's in the famous chopped cheese from Hajji's.

Hajji's is open 24 hours a day, so you can pull up or order a chopped cheese ($8.99) whenever the mood strikes.

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