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Levain's "two chip" cookie is finally available in Harlem

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Levain's two-chip cookie is now available in Harlem
A close-up of Levain's new double chip cookie.

In late February, Levain Bakery introduced the first new cookie to its regular lineup in 25 years: the "two chip," made with bittersweet and dark chocolate chips.

Notably, unlike its famous original chocolate chip cookie, this one doesn't include walnuts.

But there was one catch: it was only available in its just-opened NoHo store.

Levain promised to bring the two-chip to all of its other locations in late March, but then the coronavirus hit.

Fast forward more than three long, pandemic-filled months, and the bakery's newest 6-ounce treat is now finally available across all stores, including the Harlem location at 2167 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, open for delivery and pick-up.

Responding to the ooey gooey cookie's arrival in Harlem, local singer Tansu wrote, "Best news I've heard in 2020."

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