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NYC movie theaters can reopen on March 5. Here's how many of you said you're planning on going.

The AMC Magic Johnson Harlem 9
The AMC Magic Johnson Harlem 9 will reopen on March 5.

Governor Cuomo announced yesterday that NYC movie theaters can reopen at 25% capacity starting Friday, March 5—mask-wearing will be mandatory, of course.

Soon after, the AMC Magic Johnson Harlem 9 confirmed it would open its doors on March 5.

In the meantime, TCU conducted a poll on Instagram asking how many of you were planning on going to the movies.

A whopping 82 percent of you said you were going to wait.

NYC movie theaters can reopen on March 5. Here's how many of you are planning on going.

Here are some of your responses, from the many nos to the few yeses:

"HELL NO✌🏽"—@ramenbyra

"Hard no 😅"—@aidaahmed

"[T]oo soon. Too many variants."—@blacksnapperdesign

"“You know I’m gonna pass on that. (In Aretha voice)"—@uptownharlem35

"Miss the movies, but not that much. Maybe later this year."—@brooke.roechelle.pierce

"On the fence. Miss going to the movies so much but not sure if it’s safe just yet."—@jmjaxon

"After I’m fully vaccinated, yes!"—@nysmirk

"I'm going for the popcorn. I miss the buttery deliciousness!"—@apri1adams

And everyone's favorite opinion (8 likes and counting), unrelated to the reopening:

"[T]hey don’t know how to shut up during the movies at the Magic Johnson theater too. arrp garp garp garp garpin throughout the whole movie 😐"—@uptownharlem35

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