NYC movie theaters can reopen on March 5. Here's how many of you said you're planning on going.

The AMC Magic Johnson Harlem 9 will reopen on March 5.

Governor Cuomo announced yesterday that NYC movie theaters can reopen at 25% capacity starting Friday, March 5—mask-wearing will be mandatory, of course.

Soon after, the AMC Magic Johnson Harlem 9 confirmed it would open its doors on March 5.

In the meantime, TCU conducted a poll on Instagram asking how many of you were planning on going to the movies.

A whopping 82 percent of you said you were going to wait.

Here are some of your responses, from the many nos to the few yeses:

"HELL NO✌🏽"—@ramenbyra

"Hard no 😅"—@aidaahmed

"[T]oo soon. Too many variants."—@blacksnapperdesign

"“You know I’m gonna pass on that. (In Aretha voice)"—@uptownharlem35

"Miss the movies, but not that much. Maybe later this year."—@brooke.roechelle.pierce

"On the fence. Miss going to the movies so much but not sure if it’s safe just yet."—@jmjaxon

"After I’m fully vaccinated, yes!"—@nysmirk

"I'm going for the popcorn. I miss the buttery deliciousness!"—@apri1adams

And everyone's favorite opinion (8 likes and counting), unrelated to the reopening:

"[T]hey don’t know how to shut up during the movies at the Magic Johnson theater too. arrp garp garp garp garpin throughout the whole movie 😐"—@uptownharlem35

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