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Retro cocktail recipe guide, lockdown edition

Retro placemat cocktail guide
The retro paper placemats at Flor de Broadway

Planning a happy hour at home and looking for some inspiration?

Here’s a snap–and transcription, below–of the paper placemats still used at Flor de Broadway at 3395 Broadway (currently closed), printed with 16 classic cocktail recipes.

Feel free to bookmark this page for all your retro cocktail-making needs over the coming weeks, and don't be afraid to play around with the recipes–think of them as general guidelines.

Recipe note: one jigger = 1½ ounces

Rum Cocktail

1 tsp sugar or a few dashes of grenadine

½ oz lemon or lime juice

1 jigger of rum

Shake with cracked ice and strain

Gin Rickey

Several cubes of ice

Juice and rind of ½ lime

1 jigger of gin

Fill glass with club soda


⅔ rye or bourbon whiskey

⅓ sweet vermouth

Dash of bitters

Stir with cracked ice and strain

Serve with cherry

Use dry vermouth if desired

Tom Collins

1 tsp sugar in juice of one lemon

1 jigger gin, ice

Fill with soda and stir

Rum Collins: use rum instead of gin


½ oz fresh cream

¼ oz cream de cacao

1½ oz gin or brandy

Shake with cracked ice and strain

Planters Punch

1 tsp sugar

1 jigger Jamaica rum

1 oz lemon or lime

Shake with fine ice & pour unstrained in 10 oz glass

Add slice of orange, cherry


Juice of ½ lime or lemon

1 tsp powdered sugar

1½ oz light rum

Shake with cracked ice–when shaker frosts, strain


Ratio 3 to 1 to 10 to 1 dry vermouth & dry gin

Serve with green olive, twist of lemon peel

Gibson: serve with a pearl onion

Bloody Mary

1 jigger vodka

2 jiggers tomato juice

⅓ jigger lemon juice

Dash Worcestershire, salt and pepper

Shake with ice and strain

Whiskey Sour

Juice of ½ lemon

1 tsp powdered sugar

2 oz whiskey and top with orange slice

Sours can be made with gin, rum, and brandy

Cream de Cacao

⅔ oz creme de cacao

⅓ oz heavy cream, float cream on top in cordial glass

Pour cream on slightly tilted spoon held at level of liquor

Mint Julep

Several mint sprigs

1 tsp sugar

Dash water


Crush mint, sugar and water in 12 oz glass

Fill glass with ice and bourbon


1 jigger vodka

Orange juice

Pour vodka and orange in 6 oz glass

Add ice and stir

Gin and Tonic

1½ jiggers of gin

Pour over ice cubes and fill with quinine water

Add slice of lemon or lime

Old Fashioned

1 lump of sugar saturated with bitters

A splash of soda

Muddle one slice of orange, lemon & cherry

Add rye, bourbon or scotch and ice

Dubonnet Cocktail

1¼ oz of Dubonnet

1 oz of gin

Stir with cracked ice, then strain and top off with lemon peel

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