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TCU indoor dining survey: here's how many of you plan on eating inside a restaurant right now

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

The Edge's indoor space pre-pandemic.

Starting today, New York City restaurants begin welcoming diners inside again—with a few caveats: indoor spaces can only be at 25% capacity, and diners must follow protocols like temperature checks and providing contact info for the city's testing and tracing program.

The big question is this: with coronavirus numbers starting to rise in certain parts of the city, will anyone actually want to eat indoors right now?

To get a better sense of where things stand, the Curious Uptowner ran an overnight poll on Instagram asking, "Will you be eating inside?"

The answer was a resounding no. A whopping 86% of you said you won't be stepping inside a restaurant to grab a bite.

The real indoor dining numbers should be clearer in a few weeks.

In the meantime, outdoor dining has become a permanent part of the restaurant landscape.

If you're one of the majority that has no plans to eat inside anytime soon, check out these plentiful options in Harlem and beyond.

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