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This Harlem Fitness Pro Just Opened a New Kettlebell-Focused Studio Offering "Faster Results"

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Jah Washington of Harlem Kettlebell Club
Jah Washington of Harlem Kettlebell Club

Meet Jah Washington, the Alvin Ailey of kettlebells. Or at least that's what one of his clients likes to call him.

The Harlem-based fitness pro, whose grace when swinging the ball-shaped weight comes with lots of practice (and certification), recently opened up the Harlem Kettlebell Club.

The new studio, located in a storefront at 1775 Madison Avenue just off 116th Street, offers more than 20 classes focused on kettlebells.

Washington decided to open the space after JTW Fit, the strength and conditioning gym he ran with partner Thomas Boatswain at 2235 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard, went virtual during the pandemic (classes are now held in local parks).

A spark went off the he saw his clients signing up for online kettlebell classes, which included renting the equipment to use at home.

Jah Washington in front of the Harlem Kettlebell Club
Washington standing outside his new studio.

At the new studio, clients have 80 bells to choose from, ranging from 17 to 132 pounds.

Their advantage? Unlike barbells, kettlebells "let you free-flow," explains Washington. "I've fallen in love with them. They get faster results."

Harlem Kettlebell Club also lets you explore different teaching methods—there are 8 coaches in all, with plenty of time in each class devoted to technique.

To find the one that's right for you, new clients can try two classes for the price of one ($35).

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