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This Harlem street is closing to traffic forever

Updated: May 7, 2020

Hamilton Place between Broadway and 138th Street will be incorporated into Montefiore Park

It's not every day a city street closes to traffic for good, but that's exactly what's happening to Hamilton Place between Broadway and 138th Street.

Last week signs posted in the vicinity announced the block would be closing permanently starting on or around Wednesday, May 6.

The shutdown is tied to the reconstruction of the adjacent Montefiore Park and Plaza.

The street will be incorporated into the park, which will triple in size.

The revamped green space will include a new terraced lawn with built-in seating and a small plaza for local festivals, performances and green markets.

The area has been a major construction zone for almost three years as workers have been upgrading water mains, sewers and catch basins.

According to a press release from October 2019, the scheduled completion date is Summer 2020.

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