When exactly is Lidl opening in Harlem?

Updated: Sep 9

When is Lidl opening in Harlem?
Signs for the new Lidl at 2187 Frederick Douglass Boulevard near W 118th Street.

A large swath of Harlem has been without a grocery store ever since Best Market closed at the start of this year, but there are signs the wait could be over soon.

The bi-level Best Market at 2187 Frederick Douglass Boulevard near W 118th Street shuttered in February after German-based grocer Lidl bought 27 regional Best Market stores, including the Harlem location.

Signs in the window announced that Lidl would be moving in, but no precise date was given.

When is Lidl opening in Harlem?
A hiring notice in the windows of the Lidl coming to Harlem.

Now hiring notices have begun popping up in the neighborhood, including an ad for store supervisors in the windows at the Frederick Douglass Boulevard location, so TCU reached out to Lidl for more information regarding its debut.

"Our Harlem location is currently undergoing comprehensive remodeling as we get closer to our grand opening," said a spokesperson. "Right now, we are aiming for late Fall."

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