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Dominican chicken noodle soup taste-off

Sniff! So you're curled up on the couch with a cold. A bowl of warm chicken soup would do you good, but you're not a fan of the canned stuff and too tired to make your own.

Takeout to the rescue! At least that's my solution. Rare is the classic New York diner in my part of Harlem, but luckily there are plenty of Dominican restaurants doing brisk business up and down Broadway. The two closest to me offer hearty, homemade chicken noodle soup rich with meat. Both have the power to instantly revive.

Since I typically go to either restaurant at random, in the interest of research I thought I'd simultaneously order from both and pay a little more attention to who made what.

Here is what I found. (Note: Both offer delivery, but in this case I stopped by to order and then took the soups home.)

This Dominican luncheonette just north of 135th Street is always bustling, so much so that when I stop by I often have to wait in line to order. On a recent visit my chicken soup was golden yellow, filled with a tangle of soft white noodles, a cube of potato, and one solid piece of white meat (complete with skin and bone). It was rich, although not very salty, with tiny pieces of carrot and celery floating throughout. A solid choice. Pint of chicken noodle soup: $5

Flor de Broadway is a tad more welcoming than Mofongo del Valle–it has a number of tables for sit-down meals grouped together in the front, and the lighting isn't as harsh. Still, the line for takeout is just as long and often requires some patience. On a recent visit the chicken soup was dark yellow and noodly, bursting with chicken (and some small bones), big carrot slices, and spices. Very tasty. Pint of chicken noodle soup: $3.50

Winner: Flor de Broadway. Not only was a pint of soup a whole $1.50 cheaper, but it came with more chicken, carrots–and flavor.

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