On Indigenous Peoples' Day, a visit to Shorakapok Rock

Updated: Mar 16

On this Indigenous Peoples' Day, here's an Upper Manhattan landmark worth visiting: Shorakapok Rock.

This boulder in Inwood Hill Park marks the spot where, according to legend, the Lenape tribe “sold"–or more likely traded the right to pass through or use–the island of Manhattan to the Dutch for tools and beads worth 60 guilders.

Not everything about the transaction is known–the original Dutch letter referencing the sale doesn't mention details like the actual date or which tribe received the payment.

But what is certain is that Manhattan was originally Native American land.

On your next visit to Inwood Hill Park, be sure to stop by and acknowledge this important spot in history. There's an official plaque on the rock, plus a Parks Department sign marking the location–both are on the path that loops around the soccer field facing the salt marsh.

To see the map, download the Inwood Hill Park Trail Guide here.

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