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These uptown step streets have all the cinematic drama of the 'Joker' stairs–and none of the crowds

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

The 215th Street Steps are between Broadway and Park Terrace East in Inwood

If you're looking to recreate the now-famous "Joker" stairs scene–the one in which Joaquin Phoenix's character dances down a set of steep city steps–you'll need to head to W 167th Street between Shakespeare and Anderson Avenues in the Highbridge section of the Bronx.

But if you simply admire their cinematic drama and wish to avoid all the tourists, you have plenty of other choices around the city. Some might even be close to where you live.

According to the city's Open Data website, there are more than a dozen step streets–the city's name for these block-long open-air stairs–in Upper Manhattan alone (no surprise to anyone who lives here–it's home to some of the highest points in all of NYC).

Ready to start climbing? Here is the list of all the step streets above 110th Street:

Morningside Heights

1. W 111th St between Riverside Dr and Riverside Dr

2. W 112th St between Riverside Dr and Riverside Dr


3. W 128th St between Amsterdam Ave and Convent Ave

4. W 155th St between W 155th St and Macombs Pl

Washington Heights

5. W 157th St between Edgecombe Ave and St Nicholas Ave

6. W 158th St between West 158th St and H. Hudson Pkwy

7. W 160th St between Riverside Dr and Riverside Dr

8. Pinehurst Ave between W 181st St and Pinehurst Ave

9. W 187th St between Ft. Washington and Overlook Terr

10. Wadsworth Terr between Fairview Ave and Wadsworth Terr

11. Broadway Terr between Fairview Ave and Broadway Terr


12. W 214th St between Seaman Ave and Park Terr West

13. W 215th St between Broadway and Park Terr East (pictured above)

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