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Starbucks and more: the coming chain boomlet in Harlem and beyond

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Starbucks is opening a new location at 284 St. Nicholas Avenue.

As Harlem continues to reopen along with the rest of the city, no one is quite sure just how badly the lockdown will have affected area businesses.

Some officials have said they expect a whopping 40% of businesses in Harlem to close due to COVID-19.

Others, like 125th Street Business Improvement District President Barbara Askins, think it's premature to say who won't be coming back.

While we wait to see the actual fallout, one thing's for sure: a number of big chains are moving or expanding into the area.

Here are the well-known brands that have announced new uptown locations or posted signs and job listings for new stores in recent months:


3781 Broadway and W 157th St

The popular Mexican chain has signed a lease for a corner space in Washington Heights that was most recently occupied by a Boston Market.

Krispy Kreme

319 W 125th St and St. Nicholas Ave

Krispy Kreme is coming back to 125th Street–the donut maker's previous shop on the retail strip closed more than ten years ago.


2935 Broadway between W 114th and W 115th Sts

The famous yogawear brand is coming to Morningside Heights in early Summer 2020, according to a sign posted in the window.


284 St. Nicholas Ave between W 124th and W 125th Sts

Job postings are now up for the latest Harlem branch of the coffee chain.

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Bill Rutledge
Bill Rutledge
12 juin 2020

Businesses exist because demand exists. 100% of the demand will return even if 40% of current businesses do not.

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