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This long stairway at the 155th Street Viaduct is your next outdoor workout challenge

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

The stone stairway running up to the 155th Street Viaduct .

Finished running all of uptown's various park stairs and looking for your next outdoor exercise challenge?

Head to the stone stairs connecting lower 155th Street near Bradhurst Avenue with the massive 155th Street Viaduct running overhead. It's a long, straight shot that's sure to make your heart race and your legs burn.

Start at the bottom—turn west at Bradhurst Avenue and 155th Street and look for the entrance to the staircase just north of the stone wall—and run up the 110 steps until you reach the top. You'll find yourself at the west end of the 1,600-foot-long steel viaduct near Edgecombe Avenue and an upper section of 155th Street.

If you run out of breath, you can always pause and admire the lacy railings designed by Brooklyn's Hecla Iron Works in 1893.

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