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Where to find delicious birria tacos—plus burritos, ramen, you name it—in Harlem

Updated: May 5, 2021

Where to find birria—tacos, burritos, ramen, you name it—in Harlem
The birria tacos and consommé at Frijolitos.

Birria, the super flavorful Mexican meat stew, has been surging in popularity across the city thanks in large part to a food cart in Queens, where it's wrapped in tacos and dipped in a red broth.

And now the cult of birria—a complex dish traditionally made with beef or goat and braised with chiles, cilantro and other spices—has finally reached Harlem.

It seems like every week another local Mexican restaurant is adding it to its menu in the form of tacos, burritos—even ramen soup.

Dying to try it for yourself? Find it at these uptown spots:

Harlem Fri-Sun, takeout and delivery only

Launched by an uptown couple who lost their jobs at two top New York restaurants when the pandemic first hit, this home-style Mexican takeout and delivery start-up offers tacos stuffed with birria that's been cooked for 15 hours. You can also add cheese and consommé.

Hamilton Heights 3446 Broadway between W 140th and W 141st Sts

This Mexican mom-and-pop in Hamilton Heights puts its beef birria in practically every item on the menu: tacos (with or without consommé), burritos, quesadillas and bowls.

East Harlem Sat & Sun, pick-up only

Follow this weekends-only birria maker on Instagram or Tik Tok for each week's menu—including birria tacos, its "famous" birria ramen, even birria egg rolls—then send a direct message to place your order. Pick up is at an East Harlem location that's revealed once you make your payment.

East Harlem 137 E 116th St and Lexington Ave

Chef Julian Medina's terrific Mexican destination now features birria across the menu: Find it not just in tacos, but tortas, fajitas, even nachos.

East Harlem 339 E 108th St between First and Second Aves

Don't judge this small East Harlem restaurant by it size: Its large goat birria menu includes tacos, fries, enchiladas, ramen and chilaquiles.

Hamilton Heights 1618 Amsterdam Ave and W 140th St

New on the spring menu at this perennially cool spot: birria consommé, served on its own, and birria tacos, topped with pickled red onions and salsa picante.

East Harlem 234 E 116th St between Second and Third Aves

Already famous for its grilled pineapple-topped al pastor tacos, this East Harlem institution just introduced birria tacos with consommé. (They aren't on the menu yet, but you can ask for them.)

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1 comment

1 Comment

Mar 07, 2021

Hope this comment/review helps others! We tried the birria tacos from Harlem Birria today, and it was disappointing, to say the least. Birria is supposed to be complex, spicy, and packed with flavor, but unfortunately it was none of those things. We ordered quesatacos, egg rolls, and empanadas, and all of them were one-note: only the flavor of the meat. The quesatacos were slightly better than the egg rolls and empanadas because of the fact that they had onions and cilantro in them, and we could squeeze some of the lime and salsa verde that were provided alongside to provide some complexity (honestly, the salsa verde was the best thing we ate). All of the items lacked sufficient salt t…

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