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Hamilton Heights restaurant update: construction is winding down at wine bar L'Argot and signs a

L'Argot, a new restaurant and wine bar in Hamilton Heights

Earlier this year an astounding number of new restaurants seemed poised to debut in Hamilton Heights. A few months later, an Asian cuisine boomlet looked ready to follow.

Of course, opening a dining spot isn't necessarily a linear process–especially in New York–which is why not all of them were up and running after the first signs appeared.

Some, like Buddha Taco Bar and Sita Thai (serving pretty much what they sound like), debuted shortly after their awnings went up. Others, like Venezuelan wine and tapas spot Barepas and Hawaiian barbecue joint Makana, took a little bit longer, but finally got there in the late summer and fall.

Now two more spots seem close to opening. L'Argot, at 142 Hamilton Place, has a new wooden facade in place, and a chandelier can be seen through the front windows. According to its social media, the restaurant and wine bar will serve new American cuisine and will double as "an alternative space for the arts" hosting exhibitions, jazz, and classical concerts, plus poetry readings.

Whaddapita in Hamilton Heights will serve Greek street food when it opens

A few blocks further south at 1625 Amsterdam Avenue, there has been little activity at a storefront that was painted a bright Mediterranean blue late last year. Now there's a sign up with a name, Whaddapita: Greek Street Food. A cartoon gyro dances next to it, suggesting a menu heavy on grilled-meat wraps that can be eaten on the go.

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