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This graffiti artist just took over the Bowery Wall, but an uptown tunnel has even more work

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Photo via @artpigeonnyc on Instagram

The latest artist to take over the famed Bowery Wall on Houston Street is Queen Andrea (aka Andrea von Bujdoss), the New York-based graffiti artist known for her neon-bright murals with an old-school hip hop vibe.

Her new mural–urging us to "Believe" and "Love More" in bright, bubbly letters–just went up, so there's plenty of time to go see the piece before the next artist comes along.

But if you live uptown and won't be passing that corner of Houston and Bowery any time soon, there's a closer place to see Queen Andrea's work: the 191st Street 1 Train Tunnel, stretching from Broadway to St. Nicholas Avenue.

In 2015 the Department of Transportation decided to give the grungy tunnel a makeover, and Queen Andrea was one of five artists invited to beautify the passageway. Today you can still find her multiple pieces, entitled "Prismatic Power Phrases," along the west end of the tunnel.

Like the Bowery Wall piece, the tunnel art here is full of inspirational phrases, including "Estoy Aqui!" and "Big City Dreams." But local graffiti has started to cover up the original work, so go see it before it's too late.

Top photo: @artpigeonnyc

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