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There's a pretty new public oasis in Hamilton Heights: Johnny Hartman Plaza

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Johnny Hartman Plaza, a pretty new public oasis in Hamilton Heights

Hamilton Heights has a brand new public plaza–and it opened with just enough weeks left of summer to enjoy it: Johnny Hartman Plaza on Hamilton Place between W 143rd and W 144th Streets.

Part of the New York City Department of Transportation's Plaza Program–seeking to ensure quality open spaces within a 10-minute walk for everyone–an entire block bordering Johnny Hartman Square has been transformed into a pedestrian oasis complete with colorful metal tables and chairs, flower-filled planters and huge umbrellas offering pockets of shade.

Johnny Hartman Plaza, a pretty new public oasis in Hamilton Heights

The plaza's official partner, the youth organization Brotherhood Sister Sol–its front door opens onto the space–will be responsible for everything from day-to-day maintenance to programming, including the weekly Hamilton Heights Green Youth Market.

Johnny Hartman Plaza, a new public oasis in Hamilton Heights

In the meantime, anyone can apply to hold an event in the plaza (via or simply grab a chair and do some people watching–one of the favorite activities of local survey respondents during the lead-up to the plaza's construction.

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