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5 ways to enjoy the last days of summer in Harlem and beyond

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Catch a sunset at Baylander Steel Beach at the West Harlem Piers.

There's no better way to squeeze the last bit of summer—yes, it's the final week before Labor Day—than by spending it outdoors.

Here are five fun things you can do–and each is 100% The Curious Uptowner-approved:

1. Pick up a seeded watermelon from the Black Seed Brothers. Head to the northeast corner of Lenox Avenue and 139th Street and grab a sweet, seeded watermelon from this beloved Harlem street stand. Refrigerate and enjoy.

2. Take a dip in one of Harlem's three open outdoor pools. Due to the pandemic, there are currently only three outdoor pools open in Harlem. But what pools they are! One is a "cool pool" (it was freshened up with new furniture and bright paint last year) and the other two have some of the best locations in Harlem.

Jackie Robinson Pool is one of the few open pools in Harlem this summer.

3. Catch a sunset at one of these three waterfront destinations. Earlier this summer the West Harlem Piers became the hot new summer destination with the opening of Baylander Steel Beach, a new restaurant on a decommissioned Navy ship. What's more, it joins two other uptown spots with amazing views of the Hudson.

4. Run up the 155th Street Viaduct stairs. Get your heart rate up at these hidden steps behind the 155th Street Viaduct–all 110 of them.

5. Walk to a neighborhood spot serving frozen treats. Is there anything more summery than a leisurely stroll to a local spot offering up frozen treats? And most on the list proudly make their own.

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