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Columbia Is Taking Over the Old Fairway in West Harlem. Here's What You Had to Say.

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Here's What You Said About Columbia Buying the Old Fairway Site in West Harlem

Ever since the Fairway in West Harlem closed its doors for good in July 2020, you've been speculating about who would buy the waterfront property just north of 125th Street.

Last week, you finally got your answer. A report in the Commercial Observer announced that Columbia University had purchased the 2.5 acre site, which includes the grocery chain's former store, warehouse and parking lot, for $84 million.

Though no plans for the site have been announced just yet, the news of the sale on TCU's Instagram account quickly racked up many comments.

While few of you seemed surprised, plenty were angry, while others simply yearned for a new grocery store.

Here are some highlights:

"Of course Columbia bought it. They bought everything else over there 🙄"—@foniethegreat

"They shouldn’t have gotten it…Harlem doesn’t belong to Columbia nor are they helping the community."—@bespeckledblipster

"What a waste of awesome real estate—a grocery store in Manhattan with a parking lot?! Jackpot. Petition to make this a Trader Joe’s!!!!! Affordable and convenient groceries for all!!—@sarahkawalek

"They need to put a cap on how much these universities can buy. NYU bought out half of the Village and destroyed the neighborhood. Same is happening in Harlem. Most New Yorkers can’t afford to go to NYU or Columbia. What a disgrace."—@eliskandarov

"Really? Columbia? What a surprise ! 😏"—@casadoart

"Ugh but we need a grocery store!!!!—@heath2118

"Who else!!! 👁🧠 They had their eyes on that piece of #Harlem for decades!!! 😒🤢🤮 #missionaccomplished #capitalistic #gentrifiers"—@sadeelharlem

"Smh, Columbia is going to own the entire Westside of Harlem."—@1don_keefer


"Hope they put some more shops in the bottom at least"—@jasminejennyjen

"I feel like they could still put a #traderjoes in the street level retail space."—Carolyn

"Harlem is going to be very interesting over these next 10 years"—V

Updated 2/6/22

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