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Harlem Fairway closing at the end of May?

Last week Village Supermarket, the operator of ShopRite, won the auction for four Fairway locations, including the Upper West Side flagship; it also bought the right to operate the stores under the same name.

But in a surprising move, the company bought only the parking lot of the Harlem location (for $100,000–what a steal!), leaving the future of the adjoining Harlem store uncertain.

Immediately after the auction sources told The Post "the chain intends to keep all of its stores, including the ones that didn’t get bids, open until at least August as skyrocketing coronavirus cases boost demand for basic goods."

But that's looking less likely for the Harlem location. Today during a visit to the (bustling) store an employee mentioned it would be closing permanently on May 31.

The Curious Uptowner has reached out to Fairway for more information.

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