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Shared Curbside Trash Containers Coming to Harlem as Part of a Pilot this Fall

Shared Curbside Trash Containers Coming to Harlem this Fall
Image: DSNY

In an effort to eliminate the heaps of trash plaguing NYC, the city plans to test out shared curbside waste containers in Harlem this fall.

The wheeled bins will be placed in the parking lanes of about 10 yet-unnamed residential blocks and 14 public schools in Manhattan Community Board 9, an area that includes Morningside Heights, Manhattanville and Hamilton Heights.

Around four to seven containers, depending on the waste output of each block or school, will be arranged in permanent configurations on the streets.

The city estimates that four containers, each about eight feet in length, will take up 1.6 parking spaces.

Sanitation trucks retrofitted with mechanized tippers will collect trash from the shared bins on a daily basis.

For more details on the Harlem pilot, see page 76-77 of the Department of Sanitation's report.

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