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This Harlem laundromat's sanitizing cycle is perfect for our times

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

The Wash NYC is a new Harlem laundromat opposite City College

"Ask about our sanitizing precycle," reads a sign in front of The Wash NYC, a new Harlem laundromat (1616 Amsterdam Ave between W 139th and W 140th Streets) painted millennial pink.

Inside, an employee during a recent visit showed how the cycle works. She walked up to one of the laundromat's empty Electrolux machines and set the knob to the free sanitizing cycle, explaining customers can add a bit of bleach or baking soda to the machine before pressing start.

Water quickly filled the spinning drum. After one minute, the cycle was complete.

The Wash NYC laundromat has a sanitizing precycle

According to the washing machine manufacturer's website, the sanitizing rinse cycle, "gives customers the complete confidence that the drum is clean and sanitary before washing personal items."

The Wash NYC, which calls itself a "new kind of laundromat" that is "fun, lighthearted, approachable and easy to use," includes welcoming details like ledges painted by contemporary artist Alex Proba and potted green plants.

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