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A flashback to a grimier New York as Ryan Murphy shoots '80s-era TV show 'Pose' in Hamilton Heights

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

The '80s-era set of Ryan Murphy's "Pose" in Harlem

Earlier in the year the swanky 1950s took over Hamilton Heights, but now the grimy '80s are here. On the heels of Ed Norton's '50s-era film shoot for Motherless Brooklyn comes Ryan Murphy's circa-1980s production for his upcoming TV series Pose.

Vintage cars on the set of Ryan Murphy's "Pose" in Harlem

A musical drama in the mold of Glee, the show takes place in 1987 New York and revolves around downtown ballroom culture set against the backdrop of Trump-era excess. The series features stars like Evan Peters, Kate Mara, and James Van Der Beek, but is also getting major attention for having the largest cast of transgender series regulars ever. It will premiere this summer.

A pile of trash on the set of Ryan Murphy's "Pose" in Harlem
'80s-era garbage and graffiti on the set of Ryan Murphy's upcoming TV series, "Pose"

Hamilton Terrace, one of the prettiest blocks in all of Harlem, got a major makeunder for the shoot today, its sidewalks littered with discarded furniture and trash. Its usually elegant stoops were covered in graffiti, harking back to New York's bad old days (a closer look reveals the drawings can be peeled off).

The 80s-era set of Ryan Murphy's upcoming TV show "Pose"
'80s cars on the set of Ryan Murphy's new TV show "Pose"

Cars from the Reagan era were parked in front of huge piles of litter, which included items you don't see too much of anymore, like glass 7 Up bottles, boxy old TV sets and beat-up metal trash cans.

The Eighties' ballroom culture may be missed, but its trash definitely isn't.

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